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The idea of ​​the President, Mr. Kazunari Ninomiya, was already before founding the company RYOHO FREEZE SYSTEMS CO., LTD in 1999, to commercialize his brilliant idea of ​​a freezer with a new technology that simply used magnetic fields, electromagnetic waves and cold air, the purpose of which was to keep intact the original organoleptic characteristics of fresh food once defrosted, by keeping the original cell structure free from damage after freezing.


The commercialization of this type of freezer begins, prototypes of the current PROTON FREEZER, with whose name it began to be commercialized as of 2007.


Since this year the expansion of PROTON technology has been spectacular, expanding its domain outside of Japan where it leads the freezing sector, until it was established in several countries (China, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, ...) on the Asian continent thanks to an integrated development, manufacturing, sales and maintenance system of PROTON technology.

This same year and as a complement to PROTON technology, FUSION freezing technology begins to be commercialized.


PROTON HOLDING is founded, bringing together all the companies in the group.

The PROTON freezing technologies and the FUSION defrosting technologies continue today in full expansion throughout Asia thanks to the reliability given by almost 20 years of experience and the trust of the most important agricultural, livestock and fishing companies and chains in the HORECA sector, and distribution of the Asian continent thanks to its high quality and efficiency in the freezing and defrosting processes.


The subsidiary ENRICH FOOD MANUFACTURERS INC. Is founded, being in its facilities in Okinawa where PROTON technology freezes a wide variety of products from different sectors and producers throughout the Japanese territory such as sushi, seafood, meat, vegetables, etc., distributing them for commercialization in the large distribution chains in Japan.

The recognition of NBK Prize (New Business Kyogikai) and the Nihon Keizai is obtained.


Since 2018 RYOHO FREEZE SYSTEMS CO., LTD trusts PROTON EUROPE SL for its expansion far from the Asian continent.

Except in Asia, PROTON and FUSION technologies have represented a technological innovation with a global impact.

Currently, PROTON EUROPE SL has offices in Central America, Peru, USA and Israel.

PROTON EUROPE SL follows its expansion plan and the opening of new branches in several countries in South America, the Persian Gulf, India and Africa is planned.


The materialization of all the PROTON advantages in the HORECA sector is materialized with the creation of the PROTON DINNING chain, opening its first restaurant in the city of NARA (Japan).

Since then, more PROTON DINNING restaurants have been opened in other cities in Japan and in other countries such as China, Malaysia and Singapore.


Recognition is obtained from “The driving company for the regional future” Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan.


Obtained the Grand Prix Award in the Nara Business Awards.

RYOHO FREEZE SYSTEMS CO., LTD has world patents of all its technologies since 2007.



There are many freezing technologies, but only PROTON, with demonstrable confidence in Japan and the rest of Asia, and now worldwide, its extremely high degree of quality and efficiency in freezing and defrosting processes.


Company awarded by the Ministry of Economy, Commerce and Industry of Japan.