PROTON® technology is the most innovative technology that currently exists in the field of freezing and its contribution is due to the incorporation of electromagnetic fields at the time of freezing.

There are many fields in which this innovation can be applied and bring improvements and changes with respect to existing freezing methods, especially in the food and medicine sectors. 

To this end, we have reached different agreements with external Technology Centers and R&D Consulting for the use of PROTON® technology in different models of Research Projects.


In addition to carrying out Projects to determine the optimal PROTON® equipment that best suits your needs from a PROTON® Capacity Study, we develop different R&D Projects where PROTON® and FUSION technology become the main axis on conducting studies and analyses on:

PROTON EUROPE SL proposes an integrated development, import, sales and maintenance system of the PROTON® freezing and defreezing technology FUSION and has incorporated for its clients a consulting service specialized in applications and improvements in the preservation of frozen food based on our innovative technologies.

Inhibition of the growth of the agents responsible for the deterioration of the product

Changes in the original organoleptic properties of the product after freezing

Improvements in the quality of the final product

Expiration or lifetime tests

Chemical, microbiological and sensory evaluations and analyses

The development of new products and / or presentations in frozen

Studies on the most suitable packaging for the conservation of the frozen product and development of frozen packaging

Research on marketing channels and niche markets for a certain frozen product

The application of new culinary techniques based on magnetic freezing of cooked dishes with special emphasis on those sous-vide packaging

Any other type of improvement or innovation thanks to the use of PROTON® technology

Once the objective of the R&D Project has been determined, we carry out the experimentations and investigations at the laboratory and / or pilot plant budgeted. Based on the results obtained, we extrapolate its application to industrial process lines.

The Technological Centers and R&D Consultancies associated with PROTON EUROPE SL can also help you carry out the preliminary study of the Project best suited to your needs and collaborate in the search for financing both for the development of the Project and for the purchase of PROTON® equipment and FUSION included in this, thanks to the selection of eligible R & D subsidized that best suit your final objective.

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