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FUSION defrosting cabinets are ideal for the HORECA channel as they perform a maximum quality and almost instantaneous defrosting of both raw and cooked foods, while maintaining all the advantages of perfect freezing made with PROTON.

Its great speed allows food to be regenerated while the diner waits and is one of the bases, together with PROTON, of the PROTON DINING restaurant chain, in several Asian countries, based exclusively on dishes cooked in advance and frozen with PROTON.

The wardrobe models need a very small support surface and are ideal to be installed in places with a very small space and do not need any type of installation and must only be plugged into the power.


Ideal defroster model for home and for the HORECA sector.
It is the smallest model in the range and does not need any type of installation.



Low temperature steam defrosting method (depending on the ambient temperature of the installation place) -50 ° C 
Nominal capacity: 10-15 Kg. / H. (at 60 Hz operation) per batch 
Dimensions: 650W x 600D x 1381H (mm)

Total capacity: 9 trays x 1 compartment 
Trays dimension: 420mm x 420mm x 9 trays 
Low temperature steam system based on heating capacity 1kW × 2 circuits 
Includes a Steam Generation Unit 
Includes water softener. 
Includes water tank + hose set. 
Includes cold air inhalation filter 
Manual floor drain 
Power consumption is 2.2 kW 
The defrosting time depends on the type of food, weight, packaging, etc.


BF – 100

The model specially designed for the HORECA channel and for producers who wish to defrost volumes.



Low temperature steam defrost method 
Dimensions: 1372 × 1900 × 920 
Nominal capacity: 500 Kg./ batch 
Total capacity: 10 trays x 1 compartment 
Tray dimension: 600 x 600 x 10 trays 
Configuration: Insulation panel + low temperature steam and air mixing mechanism + refrigeration unit + control panel

4 Types Temperature Controller, Timer Switching with 4 Phase Defrost Program:

1- Frozen storage
2- Defrosting phase 1
3- Defrosting phase 2
4- Refrigerated storage

Includes Condensing Unit 
Includes plumbing and steam control 
Includes Refrigeration Unit 
You need a Dry Steam Generation Unit in addition to the main unit. 
The defrosting time depends on the type of food, weight, packaging, etc.

The PROTON® & FUSION installation (except for those with a smaller capacity) is carried out by factory technicians who arrived from Japan together with our national technicians. 
The cost of traveling for Japanese technicians is INCLUDED in the sale price of the machine.