The REBORN series is based on a model of trolley-shaped freezer for installation inside an existing freezing chamber or in a new chamber, equipped for the installation of REBORN trolleys or as an additional element within the chamber or independently, fitting it into it with its own access doors.

It is the range that is ideal for freezing large-sized foods such as boxes, blocks and large-volume or / and thick foods. In Japan it is the best-selling range for freezing whole tuna.

REBORN is an expandable system where cart units can be added as needed. 

reborn 60




The REBORN series is composed of 2 types of trolleys:

trolleys with a freezer compartment of approx. 60 Kg. (10 sheets of 600 x 600 trays) with a two-stage freezing system.

– trolleys with a freezer compartment of approx. 80 Kg. (15 x 600 x 600 trays) with a three-stage freezing system.

The actual freezing capacity of each trolley will depend on the type and dimensions of the product to be frozen.

reborn – 80


reborn characteristics

The trays are removable and the trolley can be used to freeze large foods up to 1 meter high.

REBORN equipment requires an Outdoor Condensing Unit (ECU) that increases the power according to the amount of freezing to be processed.

The electrical consumption is 1.2 Kw./h of the main body (fan + control panel) to which must be added the energy consumption of the Condensing Unit whose horsepower power will depend on the quantity to be frozen per cart.

Our engineers will determine the power of the most suitable Condensing Unit for each case.

cameras for REBORN trolleys

The chambers where the REBORN equipment are installed must be conditioned for the installation of the REBORN trolleys:
Minimum size (2 m. X 2.5 m. X 2.5 m. H), internal temperature (-35 ° C.), Thickness panel (100 mm.), floor surface (stainless steel) and weight distribution.

There are 2 options for the doors:

use the original chamber door

install an exclusive PROTON door fitted without having to enter the chamber.

The rest of the chamber not used by REBORN trolleys can be used as a store for frozen products.

these are some of projects carried out with reborn
proton technical service
The PROTON® & FUSION installation (except for those with a smaller capacity) is carried out by factory technicians who arrived from Japan together with our national technicians.
The cost of traveling for Japanese technicians is INCLUDED in the sale price of the machine.