Producers who freeze food must maintain the quality of their products until the end of their manufacturing process, so they are obliged to choose the freezing technology that eliminates any difference between their product and the same fresh product.

PROTON magnetic freezing is the only technology that preserves the original organoleptic and nutritional properties, and especially the UMAMI of frozen foods thanks to the influence of electromagnetic fields during freezing.

Only foods frozen with PROTON enjoy this differential seal with respect to the competition.

The sectors of application where the advantages of PROTON magnetic freezing technology can be appreciated in raw and processed foods are:


PROTON technology was initially designed for the freezing of fish & seafood and thanks to its effectiveness, it spread to other raw materials. PROTON is the freezing technology par excellence used by large fishing companies, fish farms (Tuna & Hamachi) and HORECA establishments, as it perfectly freezes fish, crustaceans, shellfish and cephalopods, as well as products made with fish.

Thanks to the fact that it preserves all the organoleptic properties of Sea Products, it allows its consumption in raw (sashimi), also complying with the sanitary requirement to freeze previously eliminating Anisakis.

It also allows freezing species with seasonal catches, high-value species (eels, etc.) and avoiding sales at times of oversupply to concentrate them in periods of increased demand (Christmas).


PROTON has been recognized in Japan as the only officially accepted technology for freezing sushi since it allows its consumption once defrosted as if it were freshly prepared, by maintaining the UMAMI of all its ingredients.

PROTON thawed sushi is offered in Japan to the hundreds of sushi consumers who are concentrated at the same time in stores, restaurants or shopping centers in the main Japanese cities.

It is also used for the frozen preparation of boxes of Bentō (ready-to-eat food that always includes sushi), very common in Japanese cuisine.


The Japanese meat sector is recognized worldwide for the extreme care in raising the breeds of animals to be slaughtered (origin, food, etc.) that provide different types of top quality meats: beef, chicken, pork, wild boar, etc.

Among all, the meat of Wagyu stands out, the most valued breed of beef in the world. To continue offering this quality with the frozen product, companies in the meat sector choose PROTON to freeze their products.

PROTON is the technology chosen by Wagyu meat producers to freeze this delicate meat as it is the only one that allows you to enjoy its high level of original fats once defreezed.


Japón tiene el mayor índice de longevidad del mundo y en este aspecto el consumo de vegetales tiene un papel decisivo.

PROTON mantiene la estructura celular original de los alimentos conservando íntegramente las propiedades nutritivas y organolépticas de vegetales, verduras y setas, posibilitando la congelación de productos de muy alto valor y de imposible congelación con otras tecnologías como la trufa.

Con PROTON también es posible congelar diferentes tipos de frutas, recomendando su congelación en forma de pulpa, purés y zumos. Se han obtenido resultados espectaculares en la congelación de la pulpa de muchas frutas tropicales como el aguacate, el mango, el maracuyá, la pitaya, etc.


The Japanese have developed their own original bakery culture, with bread and pastries occupying a secondary position in the Japanese diet compared to rice, spreading its consumption after the Second World War.

For this reason they have developed different types and presentations of bread and pastries exclusive and original to this country (koppepansuika bread, sarada bread, fruit and tamagoyaki sandwiches), with softness and delicacy being the distinctive characteristics of Japanese bread. 

This type of industry requires a freezing without aggressiveness and that preserves these distinctive features and only PROTON is able to maintain these particularities thanks to its way of freezing: uniform, subtle and delicate. PROTON is used both for freezing precooked and cooked products, as well as for freezing different types of doughs (bread, pastries, pizzas, etc.).

Due to its great speed, PROTON has made spiral cooling obsolete, being PROTON the most widely used technology for cooling products that come out of the oven with or without toppings (chocolate, cream,sugar) 


Thanks to PROTON, it is possible to offer a wide range of products derived from milk or the same frozen milk.

The dairy companies sector freezes milk, cheeses, creams and yogurts, and there are exclusive establishments dedicated to the sale of these products. The use of PROTON for the production of ice creams is especially noteworthy, as it allows the production of top quality ice creams thanks to the perfect freezing of milk and fruit purees, chocolates, etc., used in its production. 

In recent years, it has been developed an important frozen food industry for vegan products (without animal components), which freezes its products with PROTON technology as a complementary quality seal.

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R&D proton®

In both Japan and Spain, we continue to investigate the improvement of our technology with new developments and applications every day together with our technicians, Technology Centers, Consultancies and R&D Departments of our clients.

In Japan, Dr. TADAHIKO MIZUNO (Link Tadahiko Mizuno) from Hydrogen Technology Application Development Co., Ltd. advises our manufacturer with his research.