proton car

In service currently only in Japan, mobile magnetic freezing technology is another of the great innovations brought by PROTON to the world of freezing.

Both to freeze products from establishments that do not have their own freezers by capacity, or to carry out freezing tests, PROTON has a fleet of trucks that include a PF-15 freezer and a KINOKO defreezer, which move along from the Japanese geography for the freezing in situ, almost always to the places of origin of the raw materials.

It is a totally innovative service that demonstrates the greatness of this freezing technology. 

i+d proton®

Tanto en Japón como en España continuamos investigando día a día la mejora de nuestra tecnología con nuevos desarrollos y aplicaciones junto a nuestros técnicos, Centros Tecnológicos, Asesorías y Departamentos de I+D de nuestros clientes, 

En Japón,el Dr. TADAHIKO MIZUNO (Enlace Tadahiko Mizuno), del Hydrogen Technology Application Development Co., Ltd. asesora a nuestro fabricante con sus investigaciones.