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PROTON technology is not only limited to freezing food, but its use extends to the medical field. 

There are numerous studies conducted on the applicability of PROTON magnetic freezing technology in the field of regenerative medicine, and especially for the freezing of artificial cells (including IPS cells). 

In tests carried out by a Japanese company in the sector, it has been possible to demonstrate the higher producibility of artificial cells frozen with PROTON over those frozen by cryogenic methods. Thus, with cryogenic freezing at -80 ° C a reproducibility of 30-40% was achieved while the same cells frozen with PROTON at -35 ° C reproduced at 70-80%, indicating superiority of freezing PROTON over cryogenic freezing. 

Previously, thanks to a collaboration with Ryukyu University of Okinawa, various IPS cell freezing experiments had already been carried out. 

The results obtained were a reproducibility obtained with the existing freezer (cryogenic) at -80 ° C of 45%, while the PROTON freezing obtained 80%, which already showed the great way to go that PROTON has in the medical sector and especially in the field of freezing artificial cells (including IPS cells) 

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Tanto en Japón como en España continuamos investigando día a día la mejora de nuestra tecnología con nuevos desarrollos y aplicaciones junto a nuestros técnicos, Centros Tecnológicos, Asesorías y Departamentos de I+D de nuestros clientes, 

En Japón,el Dr. TADAHIKO MIZUNO (Enlace Tadahiko Mizuno), del Hydrogen Technology Application Development Co., Ltd. asesora a nuestro fabricante con sus investigaciones.