Products frozen using PROTON technology have a differential seal compared to the competition.

All food producers frozen in this way specify on their packaging that the product has been frozen with our technology.

Our manufacturer RYOHO FREEZE SYSTEMS CO., LTD. through its subsidiary ENRICH FOOD MANUFACTURERS INC. freezes through its PROTON magnetic freezing technology in its facilities in Okinawa, a wide variety of products from different producers and sectors throughout the Japanese territory such as sushi, seafood, meat, vegetables, etc. and distributes them for commercialization in the large distribution chains in Japan and for export to other countries.

PROTON products are present in many points of sale throughout Japan, from gourmet quality spaces to grocery stores in department stores, through the typical “konbinis” (   ), convenience stores open 24 hours a day, 7 days of the week. 


One of the most common errors that occur is the purchase of fresh products and their immediate freezing in the home made with freezers not suitable for correct freezing (transition from the fresh to the frozen state), but exclusively for preservation.

PROTON EUROPE SL has revealed this error on many occasions. 
In Japan they have solved this problem, offering a freezing service at the same point of sale. The consumer buys the product they want fresh and in the same establishment they freeze it magnetically with PROTON technology so that they can keep it perfectly frozen in the freezer of their home.

In this way, the client is sure that he has bought a fresh product and that he will keep it frozen while maintaining all the original organoleptic qualities.  

This service is especially useful for freezing Seafood in large supermarkets.

In Europe and America there is still no business or supermarket that offers this innovative service and it can be a great opportunity for those who wish to establish an innovative business concept nonexistent so far. 

SUSHI proton

As a novelty in Europe, we import from Japan sushi made and frozen with PROTON by one of the PROTON HOLDING companies. 

We make sushi by hand, selecting the best fresh raw materials (rice, seaweed and fish and seafood) from all over Japan to later freeze it with PROTON technology so that it maintains all its freshness once frozen.


  • Product of the highest quality and uniform. 
  • Simply thaw and serve to appreciate the refined work artisan in the elaboration of this sushi.
  • The freezing of sushi with PROTON is of the highest quality and does not differ from freshly made sushi.
  • It guarantees its customers that the fish is free of Anisakis and any other parasites eliminated during the freezing process.
  • You will be able to sell sushi eliminating the costs of specialized labor and with the minimum work for its presentation. 
  • Facilita la preparación de eventos con el sushi como base. 
  • It allows you to defrost only the necessary units and minimize losses due to wastage. 
  • Facilitates the preparation of events with sushi as a base. 
  • It allows you to easily respond to an unexpected increase in demand without increasing your staff. 
  • You can serve the product anywhere 
  • Ideal for take-away
  • Made in Japan
Si está interesado en iniciar su propio negocio de sushi, es posible que le interese consultar nuestra fantástica línea de máquinas de sushi y gyozas en el sitio web de INNOVASUSHI.

Trabajamos solo con las marcas lideres del mercado japonés:

FUJISEIKI para la elaboración de sushi

TOA para la elaboración de gyozas

MARUZE para la cocción del arroz y gyozas

Ponemos especial énfasis para brindarle nuestra experiencia con el sushi y las gyozas del Japón más auténtico, ofreciéndole la posibilidad de adquirir nuestro sushi ya preparado y congelado con PROTON o bien elaborar su propio sushi con la gama de de máquinas de sushi y gyozas Premium de INNOVASUSHI para su venta posterior en fresco o en congelado.

Toda la gama de robots de sushi y gyozas de INNOVASUSHI se fabrican exclusivamente en Japón 

con el apoyo de renombrados Chefs de sushi de todo el país y con la excelencia tecnológica del país nipón.

i+d proton®

Tanto en Japón como en España continuamos investigando día a día la mejora de nuestra tecnología con nuevos desarrollos y aplicaciones junto a nuestros técnicos, Centros Tecnológicos, Asesorías y Departamentos de I+D de nuestros clientes, 

En Japón,el Dr. TADAHIKO MIZUNO (Enlace Tadahiko Mizuno), del Hydrogen Technology Application Development Co., Ltd. asesora a nuestro fabricante con sus investigaciones.