tecnología proton®
La única tecnología que utiliza campos electromagnéticos y mantiene los alimentos idénticos como antes de congelar
the origin of PROTon®

PROTON® freezing is a next generation technology already present and developed by RYOHO FREEZE SYSTEMS CO. LTD in Japan in 2003, in order to eliminate any difference between fresh and thawed food, initially designed to preserve the excellence of Frozen Seafood. 

PROTON® has managed to avoid the deterioration of food quality and maintain its original organoleptic qualities by eliminating any loss of liquids (exudates) due to dripping during defrosting, problems that existing freezing technologies suffer. 

The name “PROTON®” was adopted because when hydrogen loses its electron, it gives rise to a cation called “Proton”. 

fundamentals of PROTON® technology

PROTON® is a hybrid ultra-fast freezing technology that combines cold air with a uniform magnetic flux and electromagnetic waves when freezing.

magnetic fields
claves de la tecnología proton®

Cristales formados con ultracongelación


Nanocristales formados con PROTON

Fotos cortesía del Dr. Tadahiko Mizuno, Director Representante, Hydrogen Technology Applied Development Co., Ltd.  (Ex Doctor en Ingeniería, Laboratorio de Materiales Ambientales Nucleares, Escuela de Graduados de Ingeniería,  Universidad de Hokkaido)


The main key is the passage of the water that all foods contain from its liquid state to its solid state.
PROTON is an ultra-fast freezing technology by allowing the food temperature to pass as quickly and as quickly as possible through the maximum range of ice crystal formation temperatures (around 0 ° C to -7 ° C).

Formation of nanocrystals

The product freezes while a uniform, unidirectional, static magnetic field and an electric wave radiate in a predetermined direction, which arranges the water molecules in a constant direction and allows them to be arranged uniformly at predetermined intervals, generating multiple nuclei of ice that form tiny crystals of equivalent size (nanocrystals).

No drip losses (exudates)

By preventing the formation of ice crystals and therefore preventing their expansion (causing cell breakage that occurs at the time of thawing), drip losses (exudates) disappear at the time of thawing. 
PROTON is the only technology that keeps the cellular structure of the food intact and unchanged, avoiding any deterioration and fully preserving all the original organoleptic characteristics and nutritional properties, putting an end to the differences between fresh and defrosted foods.

Intact cell structure.

Keeping the original cellular structure of the food intact after freezing allows stabilizing its original quality and avoiding deterioration of the texture, intensifying its flavor.

These are the keys why only with PROTON it is possible to re-freeze a thawed food and why PROTON facilitates the freezing of foods that cannot be frozen with conventional technologies (avocado, etc.) 
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PROTON® has been recognized in Japan as the only officially accepted technology for freezing sushi.
Only PROTON keeps the UMAMI from food after defrosting. 
R&D proton®

In both Japan and Spain, we continue to investigate the improvement of our technology with new developments and applications every day together with our technicians, Technology Centers, Consultancies and R&D Departments of our clients.

In Japan, Dr. TADAHIKO MIZUNO (Link Tadahiko Mizuno) from Hydrogen Technology Application Development Co., Ltd. advises our manufacturer with his research.